Gemstone jewelry

Handmade gemstone jewelry

Tiquarzo offers handmade jewelry, where the use of natural materials such as gemstones comes first.

Inspired by Italian elegance and purity, we especially want to convey the beauty of nature and introduce you to the natural energy of gemstones,

We go for quality. For the creation of the gemstone bracelets for ladies and men’s bracelets, we work carefully and we make use of sterling silver. The jewelry is packed in eco jewelry boxes and bags.

The gemstone stretch bracelets, in which Tiquarzo specialized, combine comfort and quality. However, we also believe that quality can be affordable..

The sizes we offer range from XS to XL. If you still want a different size, you can simply mention it by placing an order.

We wish you a lot of shopping fun, and will be happy to help you with any questions.