Our story

Tiquarzo gemstone jewelry

Tiquarzo was born from a belief in deeper meanings, as well as love for beauty and detail. The use of natural materials, gemstones and lava stone, therefore came on the first place.

Tiquarzo specialized in stretch bracelets with gemstones, where you enjoy both comfort and quality. The jewelry is made by hand and finished with 925 silver. You can find our jewelry at an attractive price, because we believe that quality can also be affordable.

In addition to their beauty, gemstones are also popular for their effect. Each gem stands for a certain effect and is also associated with a number of zodiac signs.

Intuitively, we are often automatically attracted to a gemstone that is good for us at that moment. We therefore advise our customers to initially follow their intuition when choosing a jewel. The meanings of the relevant gemstones are further explained for each piece of jewelry. Of course we would also like to help you with your choice if desired.