About us

Tiquarzo was born from a love for gemstones, beauty and detail.

We aim to offer comfortable, good quality jewelry handmade with natural materials, at an affordable price.

We believe that everyone can benefit from wearing natural stones.

Inspired by Italian purity and elegance, the first collections were created for both women (Pura Gemm, Eleganza Gemm) and men (Lava Gemm, Pura Gemm). We also made jewelry for children.

Tiquarzo specialized in gemstone stretch bracelets, which our customers appreciate for the comfort, look and quality.

We consciously do not use metal in the jewelry. The jewelry for women is made with gemstones and sterling silver 925. The jewelry for men consists of gemstones and lava stone.

All jewelry is carefully packed in eco jewelry boxes (fsc mix), with an organic cotton bag inside.

We are convinced that jewelry is personal. To provide the best possible fit, the standard sizes range from XS to XL. We also offer the option of custom design.

We would like to welcome you to our world of handmade, close to nature jewelry that allows you to express your personality in an elegant way and can subtly contribute to your well-being.


Tinne Wuyts