Lapis blue pendant


Pendant lapis lazuli

✔ Lapis lazuli gemstone
✔ Sterling silver 925
✔ Total length approx. 1,5 cm
✔ Handmade
✔ Delivered in gift bag


LAPIS LAZULI gives inner wisdom. Has a calming effect, creates peace and order in our thoughts. Healing for throat chakra; helps you to express yourself as you are and to speak your truth. Increase self-confidence. Positive effect on friendships and relationships. Gives clarity. Helps you take matters into your own hands. Good stone for meditation and promotion of spirituality. Helps against sore throat, headache, migraine, nail biting and skin problems of a nervous nature. Good for thyroid, hearing. Strengthens the immune system, can lower blood pressure.

Disclaimer: Gemstones can support our health, but do not replace traditional medicine. For complaints, first seek help from your doctor.


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